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Ottawa Website Portfolio

This is a selection of the websites we have created for clients recently.  All of these websites were built on the WordPress platform so the owners can maintain a blog, update content, and have well optimized pages with built in SEO tools.

If you are interested in learning more about the websites we create and how our services can help you increase leads and revenue please get in touch

Toronto Video Production

This Toronto Video Production website is a landing page created to showcase the work of Toronto based Sight Seven Productions.  The website landing page also provides good SEO to the company as an informational site that is focused on their target market.

You can view the site at: http://www.torontovideoproduction.ca

OVC Masters

OVC Masters works with people that have great skills in many different industries to help them break into the world of e-learning.  They help these instructors get set up on different platforms like Udemy, Teachable, or creating their own Learning Management System.

You can visit their website at: http://www.ovcmasters.com

Wickens Ltd.

Wickens is a live-line cleaning and Co2 blasting company based in Milton, Ontario.  They work in the industrial sector to ensure proper and safe maintenance and cleaning of live electrical wires with their full service team and line of work vehicles.

You can view the site at: http://www.wickens.com

Sight Seven Productions

Sight Seven Productions is a great Toronto Video Company that helps companies grow through online video marketing.  They work in a variety of industries to help companies big and small market themselves with the use of creative and engaging videos.

You can visit their website at: http://www.sightseven.com