One of the questions we get asked the most is why WordPress is a good option for small business websites.  In our opinion, WordPress is the best option available for your online branding solutions.  WordPress powers over 26% of the internet now and millions of large online businesses and blogs trust the platform, for good reason!

Here is a breakdown of the top 10 reasons Small Businesses should have a WordPress website:

1. WordPress is Very versatile

The best part of WordPress is how versatile the platform is.  WordPress was created with blogging in mind, but that hasn’t stopped people from customizing it to fit so many different needs.  WordPress is open source, which means anyone can access the source code and customize it to fit any need.  It can host a variety of uses like: Static pages, Learning Management Systems, Blogs, Member Portals, E-Commerce Sites.  Whatever your online need, a WordPress website can be customized to fulfill the requirements.

2. Great design on a budget

There is a very large community of WordPress developers online which produces 1000s of themes for people to use and build upon.  Some of the themes are free and some premium themes have a cost.  As a result of this diverse community, the design of a website can be completed easily by using a theme built by someone, savings many hours of work and a lot of money.  This helps get your content and business online faster and for cheaper.

3. Easy to learn and update on your own

The admin dashboard is very easy to use and learn.  It is laid out in a way that you can find any of the features very easily on the sidebar to add pages, posts, or other content.  The dashboard was built with non-technical people in mind to make it easy to use.  The features also make it possible for people with no experience in coding to update, maintain the website, change colour schemes, move content around, or interact with visitors that leave comments.

4. Easy to upgrade to a new theme when design or needs change

One of the best features is that with WordPress you can update the design, layout, and theme of the site with little effort.  All of your content is kept separate from your theme files, so you can change the theme and design of your website without losing any of your work.  This is important when you’ve been using the WordPress site for years and you’d like to update the look to be more modern or to fit with the changing needs of your business.  It’s as simple as uploading a new theme and activating it.

5. Very good at scaling

One great feature of WordPress is the ability to grow along with your business.  As your business grows and your website gains more traffic, WordPress will scale and still deliver the same content and design to every visitor.  You can add new users or admins to the site without any trouble, increase your plugins for new functionality, add an online store or shopping cart.  As your online marketing efforts increase, you won’t have any trouble with your WordPress website keeping up.

6. Lots of plugins for functionality

Just like the theme community, there’s also a large community of people and companies that create WordPress plugins to make your life easier and your website run without any issues.  These plugins give you any functionality you can think of, and if there’s a requirement you have without a current plugin, you can have a custom plugin created easily.  The plugins available take a lot of the development work out of building the website because the integration with outside sources and your website have been set up for you, saving hours of time and hundreds or thousands of dollars.

7. Great for SEO

WordPress is built with SEO in mind to help get your website, content, and products or services ranking high in search engines so you can be found when your clients or customers are searching.  With the blogging ability, you have a very effective SEO portion that will rank your website.  With a variety of SEO plugins available and an on-page SEO strategy for your website, WordPress will help you outrank the competition and bring in more leads and clients online.

8. Quick turn-around time

As we mentioned earlier, with the themes and plugins available, creating a WordPress website can be done much faster than building a static website outside of the WordPress platform.  As a result of the resources available, you will not only save money on the creating of the website, you will also have your website launched earlier so you can have your online marketing campaign live faster and without the trouble that comes with building a website or app outside of WordPress.

9. Blogging capability

WordPress was built as a blogging platform and remains the largest blogging platform on the internet.  Having a blog on your website is very important to keeping your visitors coming back for new information or content.  Any small business owner can easily maintain the website blog because of how easy WordPress blogging is to use and integrate into your online marketing plan.  This blogging feature is what makes WordPress so useful for small business owners. It keeps all the posts well organized for admins and visitors looking for your content.

10. Different user accounts

One of our favourite features on WordPress is how easy it is to have multiple people from the business contributing.  Everyone in your office can have a different login, each with different permissions or tasks.  As your team grows, you can add a new content creator to add blog posts or update product pages.  You can have one employee writing posts on one aspect, while another employee writes on the customer service issues.  Your visitors will love seeing the different profiles, and your employees will love having their own account login and permissions in the dashboard.


If you would like to learn more about the benefits of WordPress for your small business, or to book a free consultation contact Dead Radio.  We offer all types of WordPress websites and will help you determine which is best for you.